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  1. Hi,

    I got quite a few scripts bots waiting to upload, and all of them use an import that I created; com.runemate.Exile.ExoTools. My question is, do I have to put this library in every script bot's folder seperately, or can I upload it once and can I import it from any script bot?
  2. as long as it's accessible within the svn it's fine.
  3. I tried this too: Maxing my account using bots that I make myself!
    Whenever I decide to max a new skill, I'll release a bot for it @ RuneMate :)

    But i failed at dungeoneering..
  4. I got a little start @ dungeoneering, only problem is that client bug again, else I would have released a small beta for frozen c1 :)

    I even got a very very small party mode. As in bots listening to another bot and performing tasks when he says to.

    + I already maxed dung legit :rolleyes:
  5. That was actually the question, is it accessible if it's in another folder(com/runemate/Exile/ExoTools/ while the script bot is in com/runemate/Exile/ExoStixx/ ?
  6. Yes it is, all of the scripts bots are compiled together before they're analyzed and divided
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  7. [​IMG]
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