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    This forum is not for selling or buying graphics.

    When commenting on art

    When posting a comment on another members' art , there will not be any tolerance towards flaming/insulting/ignorance. If you don't have something constructive to say to the artist, don't comment - It's that easy. No one has the right to define or regulate what is considered art, because what one person may see as art, another may not. Comments not regarding the art will be considered spam.

    When posting your art, tutorials or resources
    • No nudity, gore or other NSFW content.
    • Please use the correct prefix to keep the forum organized.
    • No ripping (stealing) of others work.
    • If you have permission to post someone's work, give them credit.
    If you're going to have multiple threads for your work in the same genre (tags, logos, photo manipulation, etc.), please group them into one thread to keep the section clean. Instead of posting every new tag you make in it's own thread, just add them to the already existing one.

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