OSRS Selling 15M Old School

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Albi, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. Leave your Skype
  2. People leaving their skypes == People leaving their IP-addresses.

    Find another way to communicate, preferably RuneMate PMs. If that's possible, then I am interested. Paying with bankwire, Skrill or PayPal.
  3. Agreed, it's the better way of doing it
  4. Safety info for those leaving Skype addresses:

    Goo through the following simple steps to ensure your IP can't be fetched using your Skype:
    1. Open Skype.
    2. Tools > Options (Ctrl+,)
    3. Advanced.
    4. Connections.
    5. Make sure "Allow direct connections for your Contacts only" is CHECKED.
  5. Yeah that totally works m8. xD
  6. Not sure if sarcastic or not; it actually does work.
  7. No offence but you're using a shitty resolver if it worked for you.

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