RS3 Selling 19M @ 0.30$/M

Discussion in 'General Market' started by srpronto, Jul 3, 2015.

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    Still selling! Really need the money for a e-book
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    Still selling!
  2. will buy all for 0.25 since it is not a lot of gold can pay you right now
  3. Sorry it is 0.30$/M
  4. I'm just throwing it out there man you're probably not going to get 0.3 / m. The best you might get is .28. Good luck though.
  5. 0.27 is highest i can go
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    or 0.28 if you can sell it right now
  6. Are you willing to buy 20M? Because with 0.28$ extra i can get enough money for what i want.
  7. just brought some mill i did not think you were going to reply
  8. You almost didn't even wait, but no problem. Still selling! 0.28$/M (20M in total)
  9. What eBook do you need? I can likely procure it.

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