RS3 Selling 28M 0.35/M

Discussion in 'General Market' started by srpronto, May 9, 2015.

  1. Selling 28M as fast as possible. Need money to a gift for a friend :D

    EDIT: If i could sell all for 10$ it would be so awesome because thats exactly the amount i need. I know thats not 0.35/M and i understand if you don't want to pay more 0.20.
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  2. Bought from him before - he went first. Vouch
  3. Willing to sell me just 5M? If not, that's fine.
  4. It would be fine but then i'm afraid i can't sell the rest :/
  5. That's fine, I'll take 10M if that's any better. Just need some money for my bot to speed up the process.
    Good luck selling!

    Edit: Don't worry, I'll be fine without it. Hope you can find someone to buy the whole lot.
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  6. Thanks to understand my point, its just 28M (if i had more i would have sold), and sorry about it.
  7. I'm aware, I'd probably be the same as you it's just I didn't want to spend money when I don't need it that urgently.
    Thanks man.
  8. Yo dude, hit me up on skype, I'll do all 28m for $10
  9. Sold him all. Nice trade! @EvilCabbage you may close if you wish :)
  10. Trade complete, really smooth and easy trade. :)

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