OSRS selling battlenet account for rsgp

Discussion in 'General Market' started by kelton, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. selling my battlenet account for rsgp has wow and all the expansions level 100 paladin 100 death knight 66 warlock

    has around 20k gold on it
  2. how much rsgp you looking for? os/rs3/ds?
  3. around 65m old school i think thats a pretty good deal
  4. does it have Legion? What's the ilvl of the two 100s? any rare pets/mounts? what server is the gold on? any tcg items? are any of the expansions deluxe or digital deluxe editions?

    heading to bed will check this tomorrow
  5. What server are the characters on? I'm assuming Tichondrius. Are you the original owner? Do I get a scan of your ID in case the account gets locked/is the name on the battlenet matching of your ID? Do you have Draenor flying unlocked? Any bans on the battlenet? Any game time left? Feel free to PM me if you'd like, I know it's a lot of questions :p
  6. aerie peak i can provide id yes the name is the same i do not have draenor flying unlock did not even no that was in the game lol no bans ever and it says i have no game time but still lets me log into my characters
  7. Aerie Peak isn't really a good server as far as gold prices go. It sucks you dont have draenor flying but thats not that bad. I'll keep this bookmarked, if you don't have it sold by then I'll make an offer. I don't play osrs so I'd have to do paypal.
  8. ok

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