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    Have not logged in the account for a very long time, just bought membership yesterday, for a month. I am original owner.

    Account will not be banned for macroing.

    paypal only

    a/w $140

    skype: betfrag

    MIGHT take 275m RS3 gold for it.
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  2. I'll start the bidding at $10.
  3. I would go 50
  4. Cleaned up the thread and removed all posts that leaked your username.

    Goodluck selling!
  5. Can you show me, where my mistake was?
  6. Currently have $95 usd offer
  7. exact total level, you were the only account with your total level with the certain amount of xp that was shown and it was a 3 letter name ;p
  8. Thanks bud
  9. Noted, guy with 95 went to 105.
  10. add me on skype: betfrag
  11. still for sale, need it gone asap! bid is 110
  12. oldschool has 45 att/str 10def
  13. MIGHT take 275m RS3 gold for it.
  14. whoever wants it, $110(negotiable) price check was 100-200

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