OSRS Selling CHEAP OSRS Accounts!| Look thread to see what I can offer! |

Discussion in 'General Market' started by taraz101, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. Hello i'm Taraz used to Sell accounts on a game called Tibia but i got Banned For account shareing and they ip banned me :/

    i wanna sell accounts for awhile now so i can Support my main with Cash! i sell all my accounts very cheap!

    10x 60 atk | 60 str | 60 def | All off them are Botted but they are Safe! price each 5m!
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  2. Would this be 5m OSRS GP?
  3. Yes 5m gp on osrs! 1 account ( 60 atk | 60 str | 60 def ---> for 5m gp on osrs!
  4. So that's five bucks, for give or take two overnights.
  5. 5m is closer to $7
  6. not really more like 6$
  7. Stop Complaining please!. Please Do not Come here and say you can do it in two days, So plese Go ahead and do it then!! I Sell account I need Rs gp for my main....
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  8. I just made a point.

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