Discussion in 'General Market' started by legendks, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. This isnt cheap at all... Most people sell for around $2 now. The demand is SUUPER low
  2. Cheapest I saw as $3.5 throughout multiple sites. If you know a site or a thread with someone selling for $2 please lmk, i'll adjust mine accordingly but from what I saw nope. And on top of that I've been already selling to many official sites for $2.7 a mil so I don't know where you're getting your info
  3. WHOA what sites do you sell $2.7 a mil? Every site I sell to only does $2
  4. price fluctuates, usually $2 at won, but king4rs and gold4mrkt changes literally everyday somtimes 1.9 and highest ever for me was 2.7 x)
  5. how u make that much in darkscape a day? :)
  6. Well I just usually do fire runes. A lot of fire runes. Like a LOT

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