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Discussion in 'General Market' started by CheapDsGold, Dec 19, 2015.

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  1. Hello guys I'm a DS player not affiliated with any websites. I sell the gold I earn personally in game which is why I can offer the CHEAPEST gold. My stock changes every day as I earn/sell more and I will keep the amount updated on this post as well as the price!

    Amount of gold I have atm: 10mil
    Price atm: $1.20 per mil
    In regards to price match guarantee, for sure I will beat any websites but to price match other private sellers you must provide their forum link/email conversation along with the seller's vouches (minimum of 10).

    Vouches can be presented upon request!

    I will respond quickest to E-mails: [email protected] < DO NOT TRADE, SCAMMER!
    You may also add me on skype for more details or questions that you may have!:CheapDsGold < DO NOT TRADE, SCAMMER!!

    Please be wary of Skype impostors! Request for forum pm or an email verification before a trade!!!
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  2. ill buy all 15m for 15$
  3. Sorry I'm out atm, please add me on skype or email me as I will have about 10 mil when I sell my items later
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    *update* 10 mil available now!
  5. *update* 27 MIL AVAILABLE!!!
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    I am, chilll :)
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