Selling High Level RS3 Acc!

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  1. Hey guys selling my main RS3 account decided to call it a day, will sell for RS gold or IRL cash which ever is easier :) see skills etc below:

    Skills CB and QP: Gyazo - 199fd85fe509abc8e846aec21a5dce1c.png

    Gyazo - ff1f22c80cfa76588dec0ccdc4e75475.png
    Gyazo - 8bbffaebc0cc65e9abfea1aa56c09492.png
    Gyazo - e1c5163a882b91580b35052f20eae91e.png

    Inventory: Gyazo - 4e60d5dc8ed92be70123925aaa27a58e.png

    This acc also has membership on it:

    Wealth Evaluator:

    Solomons outfits: Gyazo - 10e223f3a279b2ac1e6257efdae6bd83.png
    Gyazo - 8196e027259b17d7561e1f9c332bca38.png

    Rest animations etc: Gyazo - 544577ce358d97950d918076a3350767.png
    Gyazo - 31c193367ce84d7e8fa125ffdf2daa18.png
    Gyazo - 201df146c55087dc4ed1bd5979d73242.png

    Pets: Gyazo - f6e911d4c704ad199970bb0a39c5aff0.png
    Gyazo - 4d086997acf533c18fa4383f2a06c8f0.png
    Gyazo - d55ea9c486e9a0366e2dc2c275457d69.png

    Noteable quests:
    Dragon Slayer
    Desert Treasure
    Heroes Quest
    Lost city
    Roving Elfs
    Tears of Guthix
    Temple of Ikov
    The Grand Tree
    Tree Gnome Village
    The Underground Pass

    Feel free to post offers below or PM me or contact my skype: Scrimmyyy :)

    Thanks for your time.
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  2. Blackmarks?
  3. How much :)

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