OSRS Selling LoL account (Skin list below) $Cheap$ [PAYPAL]

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Aexioo, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Hey there you all, I just wanted to let you guys know I'm selling my (EUW) League of Legends account. Down below will be info of the account including champions owned+ skins owned.


    Champions without skins: Amumu, Dr. Mundo, Evelynn, Fiddlesticks, Jarvan IV, Jax, Kassadin, Kayle, Morgana, Nunu, Orianna, Sivir, Soraka, Teemo, Tryndamere, Udyr and Warwick.
    - Ahri (Midnight- & Foxfire Ahri)
    - Annie (Red Riding- & Panda Annie)
    - Ashe (Queen Ashe)
    - Blitzcrank (Piltover customs Blitzcrank)
    - Caitlyn (Sheriff Caitlyn)
    - Cassiopia (Jade Fang Cassiopia)
    - Corki (Dragon Wing Corki)
    - Draven (Gladiator Draven)
    - Ezreal (Debonair Ezreal)
    - Fizz (Tundra- & Fisherman Fizz)
    - Garen (Commando Garen)
    - Graves (Mafia Graves)
    - Janna (Tempest Janna)
    - Kalista (Blood Moon Kalista
    - Katarina (Mercenary Katarina)
    - Kog'Maw (Monarch Kog'Maw)
    - Le Blanc (Prestigious Le Blanc)
    - Lee Sin (Traditional- & Dragon Fist Lee Sin)
    - Leona (Iron Solari Leona)
    - Lucian (Striker Lucian)
    - Lulu (Pool Party Lulu)
    - Lux (Steel Legion Lux)
    - Malphite (Coral Reef- & Marble Malphite)
    - Master Yi (Assassin Master Yi)
    - Miss Fortune (Water Loo- & Mafia Miss Fortune)
    - Nasus (Galactic Nasus)
    - Nidalee (French Maid Nidalee)
    - Pantheon (Mymidon- & Ruthless- & Glaive Warrior Pantheon)
    - Rammus (Chrome Rammus)
    - Riven (Battle Bunny Riven)
    - Ryze (Uncle Ryze)
    - Shaco (Masked Shaco)
    - Thresh (Blood Moon Thresh)
    - Tristana (Riot Girl- & Rocket Girl Tristana)
    - Twisted Fate (Musketeer Twisted Fate)
    - Twitch (Pickpocket Twitch)
    - Vayne (Heartseeker Vayne)
    - Veigar (Leprechaun Veigar)
    - Vi (Neon Strike Vi)
    - Volibear (Thunder Lord Volibear)
    - Xerath (Battlecast Xerath)
    - Yasuo (High Noon Yasuo)
  2. I'll buy for $12.99
  3. That's like 2/3 skins combined in price.. Only serious comments please.
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    Like, I don't want hundreds of dollars but be fair lol
  4. Don't expect to get the value of the skins or even closer. LOL accounts go for super low if you don't have a high enough rank (diamond +)
  5. Exactly. $12.99 is being generous
  6. I fully understand that but you must know that accounts which are lvl 30 no skins just 1200 rp go for about $7, just $6 more than that while it has a shit load of money in skins, that's not realistic
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    Like I don't even want more than $50 even though I payed maybe like $250, I just think 12,99 is way too little
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    You know what, $25 and we have a deal, I really need to pay for member again :p
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    How about 20
  7. As someone who has been playing league for all 6 season and im diamond 3 with 3 smurfs in Dia+ I can say league accounts don't go for that cheap... smurfs with no runes / champs, just IP go for about 30$.. now skins don't add a TON of value but 12.99 is not a legit offer... nor is 20$.. just saying. Rank also matters, however anything below Silver defo drops the value of the account ALOT.

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