OSRS Selling lvl 67 pure (60, 57, 1, 81, 52, 87, 73) 0.0 Blackmarks

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  1. I recently got hacked for everything, so I'm gonna sell this account and quit for a few months. I don't need this when I get back so I don't need comments like "Ur gonna want it back when u start playing again"

    Everything on this acc has been done legit by myself, I've never botted any skill on it.

    Monkey Madness
    Lost City
    RFD (Mithril Gloves)
    Animal Magnetism
    Death Plateu
    Fight Arena
    Horror from the Deep
    Itchlarin's Little Helper
    Sea Slug
    Shadow of the Storm
    Sheep Herder
    Troll Romance
    Troll Stronghold
    Underground Pass
    Waterfall Quests
    + All f2p quests that is available for pures. + some other p2p quests that are too small to mention.

    Mithril Gloves


    Current bid: $20 / Corrupt Cow
    Buy It Now: Not yet set

    The email connected to the account is a trashemail so you will get that one too if you want to / if you're paranoid. Bid whatever you wanna bid, whether it is $1 or $10 idc.
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  2. $10. Shame you're selling though.

    EDIT: What's the CB level? + Can it TB with a mage pot?
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  3. Are you high?

    60, 57, 1, 81, 52, 87, 73
    60 attack
    57 str
    1 def
    81 range
    52 prayer
    87 magic
    73 hp

    67 cb
  4. Username login?
  5. I'm not high, Just didn't feel like plugging it all into a CB calc. As for the tb, I could have sworn you said 81 mage :p I'm human, I make many mistakes. I simply swapped range and mage :p Anywayssss
  6. no, email

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  7. 20 euro paysafe card
  8. Never heard of so not accepting
  9. ok then i can get 20 euro paypal or if u play csgo i can give u a 22 euro skin
  10. Alright $20 paypal highest bid

    Lets end this auction Friday the 30th.
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    Selling this for €25 right now.

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