RS3 Selling Maxed account ( 2595 total )

Discussion in 'General Market' started by BawwssBotter, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. Hi, tbh, i pretty much quit rs3 and i have this maxed main , has 700mxp + with a rare name

    ( i am the original owner of this acc )

    Autowin = 2b

    If you're intrested , just pm me , we will use MM and recovery test as well.
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    bump !

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  2. Just wondering, all's botted ?

  3. No, only botted back in the rsbuddy days
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    bump !
  4. Do you accept USD if so how much? Just wondering
  5. bro, i don't have paypal, but you can buy rsgp instead and pm me your offer
  6. Is there a minimum? It'll get quite expensive if I have to buy rsgp so my first offer is 200m
  7. rsgp is 0.25$ /M my A/W is 1.4b now
  8. Ah that's quite a difference, don't think I'll be able to spend like 300 usd though so guess it ends here for me xD
  9. too low for this account , ty for offer though

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