Selling OSRS acc - 94 cmb - 1304 total - No treads - 2014 acc

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Aexioo, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. SOLD
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  2. Good luck with sales :D
    I've added the images to your post instead of links.
    This will help you in your sales :D
    Here's how you can do it next time ;)
    [Right-click the image, copy image-url and insert image]

    On a sidenote: I suggest you hide several skills, bank items and your total.
    Just give a rough estimate of your bank and total.
    Jagex is known to watch market's on botting sites and banning accounts that are posted in detail.
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  3. Are you the original owner? Any authenticator? Do I get the email used or would it be changed to one of my own? Also, How many quest points?
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  4. Yes I am the original owner, it uses the Authenticator app on my phone. Also it has 2-step verification on email. You could use my email if you want, only used for runescape.
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  5. Not bad, I'll keep an eye on this thread :D
  6. Fine, let me know if you would like to know more / interested to buy/rent.
  7. Will do :)
  8. Why don't you cover some of the skills?
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  9. Screenshot above banning image.
  10. how much for renting it for a few days? i wouldnt change any of the information
  11. How much are you looking for for this account, I might possibly be interested.
  12. I would keep email information though, keeping it safe. Offer bro ;)
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    I don't really have a price in mind. You could offer me some and I will reply. Not too expensive. Quitting anyway.
  13. How much time is left on the account?
  14. If you mean membership time
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  15. Nice!
  16. since u dnt check ur messages ill just copy paste what i sent... I

    i would like to use it.. not botting.. id need basic armor if anything.. it wouldnt need anything in the bank but i would need access to the bank of course for depositing... How much would you charge per day.. i wouldnt change password at all and ud be able to login whenever im off.. itd most likely just be getting u free lvls can u give me a price plz osrs gp is all i got
  17. Sorry I have been inactive for a day or two. I'm thinking about $5 a day. I don't need alot of money per day since I don't play often at all.
  18. 5 a day thats nuts to just use it and not change anything
  19. lol with those stats you could easily make more than 5m a day. youd easily triple your $ spent if not more.
  20. Idk man I didnt play for quite some time :p

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