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  1. Welcome To The 24-7 Gold Shop!
    OsRs Prices :
    Prices - $1/723k
    Bulk Methods over 50m = 10% Discount!

    Runescape 3 Prices :
    10% Discount Iff you Buy over 2b+

    Stock : Little over 50b cash

    OSRS Stock! 5B+ on multiple accounts

    Skype Me : Hostadded
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  2. you sell rs3 gold as well what price i can buy bulk have over 100 feedback
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  3. wtf are these rates, you can buy for like .3 at any large RSGP shop and ur offering 1,50/M??
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  4. yeah thats what i was thinking it is confusing
  5. Rates would even be kinda high if it was for 07. For RS3, its absolutely ridiculous.
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  6. Yeah Corrected it.
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    Yeah my bad its okay now though.
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    Your Right , I whas in a Hurry Last night so yeah corrected it .

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