RS3 Selling Pure account [F2P]

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Sharky80, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. STR/RANGE Pure for sale!
    Hello everyone. Im putting on sale my old str/range pure account on RS3. Account is mid-level pure with decent Stre/Range. Defence and Prayer levels are 1. Nearly 30k Dungeoneering points. 64 Woodcutting. Has 8 quest points.

    Account benefits:
    1) Veteran account
    2) Has unique PvP nickname.
    3) Well organized bank.
    4) Combat level of 55


    Please offer your price in RuneScape 3/ Old-school-Rs gold.

    If interested, contact me skype: sharpwindy7

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  2. 1m rsgp offer
  3. Sorry, but 1m is nothing nowadays
  4. i know but that account can be reproduced very quickly
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  5. Will take you alot of time acctualy to reproduce it with your own hands / no bot help. 10k More tokens on this account and you are F2P Wilderness god, no to mention legendary and rare nickname that account posses
  6. oh come on . it's rs3. just do some damn slayer and you get the lvls . i did 90-99 range less then a half day. it's rs after all everythign takes time

    your acc is low lvl. don't try to act like it's any good, if you want to sell it for a higher price, then work on it.

    pures in rs3 sucks right now. so ask what a buyer would get by having your acc. so far it's a shitty acc to be frank, you can't do much with it. and even if you udid do some pk'ing there are no really gain in it, as almost everyone is maxed cb lvl's anyway.

    if you like i had offer 1.5m for a better offer but that is seriously all. then i would simple just bot it for perhaps gold farming or w.e
  7. This is your personal oppinion. You wouldnt get this stats in a day, even in 2 days if we include dungeoneering into the creteria.

    Someone might buy it, because they dont want to spend time level up themselves or botting. They just want to have pure here and right now and there wont be any problems for them to pay a couple of m for quality account. They dont need gains, all they need is to get fun from the game.
  8. Bought account from sharky, Delivered on time and exceeded expectation in quality. Can vouch.
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  9. how much did you pay for it?
  10. Account was sold for 3$
  11. wow he got a deal, ^^ also check skype please :)
  12. Make sure that you invited the right person, because if you are searching for me, well, there is alot of scammers hiding behind my name.
  13. im pretty sure I did, however just in case can you add me? dragonbornx.pb

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