RS3 Selling rs3 account.

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Ryza, Jun 21, 2015.

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    Account has been sold, sold to Jager very smooth trade he went first would recommend to deal with him anytime.
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  2. 15m

    Is there any autowin?
  3. Shit, stiff competition out here!
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  4. F2p or p2p? If the latter, how many days left?
  5. Hi dudes, thanks for your bids but i'm looking for paypal etc as i have no need for runescape gold anymore, and it has 12 days membership left mate.
  6. $5 paypal?
  7. It's worth more than 5 bucks mate, i'm looking for atleast 20-25$ i think thats reasonable considering most of you could make that back easily with the account
  8. Probaly worth some where 15-20$ since you botted on it? which is still a banrisk? :p
  9. It was botted on but it's not 100% botted, the last time i botted on it was like the 5th or 6th of june i think, however most accounts that are sold and bought have been botted on i don't believe that should drive the price down, there's always a risk. For 25 bucks it's a great price for a great starter main or anyone who wishes to make money on it or bot on it.
  10. Do you have skype?
  11. Hi Jaeger, sorry i don't have skype but if it's more helpful to you i'm willing to get it or feel free to private message me, thanks mate.

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