RS3 Selling RS3 MAIN, 10 99's

Discussion in 'General Market' started by HitchThoseCocks, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. I'm moving to 07 now and I need some gp to fund it.

    C/B: 150m RS3
    A/W: 540m RS3/75m 07/$200

    Please serious offers only. Any troll comments will be reported.

    I will be using an MM (staff on this site).

    Finished Plagues End & Branches of Darkmeyer & Fate of the gods & Ritual of the Mahjarrat
    Current QP: 290



    The 07 account attached also has Void Gloves & Void Top with some decent stats.

    Pm me here please. Or add my skype: theonepchao
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  2. Any starting price in mind?
  3. Just shoot an offer.
  4. That's not my intention without know what you are looking for.
  5. Minimum 300m rs3. Start there.

    So 50m 07.
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  6. how did u quash that macroing major :p
  7. I bought mod mark mcdonalds for a year. What did you expect?
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  8. Kinda expensive :( I will start with 150M ok?
  9. So when can you sell it?
  10. When I get a reasonable offer
  11. Updated OP. Finished 2 Huge questlines along with lots of level ups.
  12. $40.00 PP right now for it
  13. Thats like 100m.

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