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Discussion in 'General Market' started by Sharky80, Jan 1, 2016.

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  1. Hello, Im putting one of my older accounts for sale. Account had a temporary ban. Decent skills, alot of cool stuff in the bank, some dungeoneering tokens. Abit more than 1 year and you will be able to claim a 10 Years Veteran cape.

    Some major quests done:

    1) Plagues end ( Priff acces)
    2) Temple at senntisten ( Ancient curses )

    You may ask additional questions. Im putting this account for sale for the price of 45$/180m RS3/ 50m OSRS .

    Those who are interested please contact me via skype: Sharpwindy7 .

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  2. Reserving this account until the 5th/6th of January then I'll be purchasing it. Thank you @Sharky80
  3. Confirming.
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  4. Lol what is this reserve stuff..... I have money ready to go right now..
  5. you're going to have to find a different account ^^
  6. As long as you know putting a reserve on something like this is ridiculous. I'd give the dude twice what hes asking for right now and it would still be under priced lol... but im beat out by someone that put a "reserve" on it loool. You can say I might be a little bit salty.
  7. Relax, the owner is fine with it and that's what matters. besides in 3/4 days if I don't buy it ( which won't happen ) he said he will continue to try to sell it. Still, you're better off finding a new account.
  8. *Everyone is better off finding a new account because you reserved this one. Not just me.

    EDIT: I'm just the only one that has posted, people have silent eyes you know. $45 for this is an absolute steal, ive bought plenty of accounts before and I have uses for them, im interested.
  9. as far as i can see you're the only other person that has shown interest in this thread. So nope, just you. Besides you act like this is the only rs3 account in the world, theres thousands you can buy.
  10. I'll offer $70 and hes not the only one interested, not to mention I have the cash ready to go.
  11. You should learn how to read. The account is reserved for me. Also, not that it's any of your business, but I'm paying $70. Find another account. This one is sold.
  12. I'll give you $100 sharky just so viper can chill when you sell me the account.
  13. Lol ^
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    Already sold.
  14. Okay? Well we don't have to think about it being recovered then, you do. have fun :)
  15. Good thing it cant be recovered because Jagex removed recovery questions back in 2012 when they implemented the authenticator.
  16. Ignorance is bliss, like I said, have fun buddy. It's VERY easy to recover accounts back currently, you'll find that out yourself in due time.
  17. I'm pretty sure you're just a wee bit salty you weren't able to purchase the account. I really don't care if it gets recovered :) I have had fun with it and will continue to do so for however long I own it. I suggest you lighten up, you only live once ^^
  18. Soooo is it sold or nah...
  19. Lmao ^ you're a fucking riot.
  20. No you are! ^ lmfao.
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