Selling RuneScape Name login accounts!

Discussion in 'General Market' started by johnny chhim, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. Pm! I got some runescape accounts they are username login accounts, not email logins.

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  2. how much per account
  3. Offer, theses accounts, don't have a display name set, so you can set your own name when you log in.
  4. 500k rs3 each
  5. 1m rs3 each
  6. 1500k rs3 if @johnny chhim you pm me a list of names.
  7. 2m rs3 if you still have any left
  8. Not taking any rs3 gp.. not even legit offers. I still have a ton left...
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    No thankyou
  9. Could you PM me a list? How old are these?
  10. I can give you 1 account for you to see for yourself Evil. I won't give a list tho.
    I'm not sure how old they are but to me at least 5years + old probably older probably less not sure.
  11. They're not really worth anything, not much atleast.

    That's just bs, you're talking to staf..
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  12. Why do I have to give a list to secure my saying is true? Can't I just give a couple for you to see it for yourself?
  13. It's a couple now? Nevermind, good luck selling, not interested.
  14. Your a joke.
  15. You're*
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  16. Listen mate, I just wanted to see if there was a username between them that I liked.

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