RS3 Selling runescape + runescape classic account

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Alex Cooper, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. The account was originally created pre rs2 before the mass runescape ban..
    I am the original owner..
    The account doesn't have any black marks...
    Wealth: 77m gp
    Total xp:16.2m
    Total level:1395
    Quest points:102
    Only accepting paypal payments
    Please post your offers here
    RSC Cape:
    RSC Stats
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  2. Wow would be fantastic if you could just log in and screenshot it instead of this huge list.
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  3. Wait,,,,, can we still access runescape classic??? :O i started playing rs back at RSC xd
  4. yes runescape classic is active and the rs3 account also has the classic cape for a higher amount i can get the classic characters mining to 99
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  5. Maybe include what and/or how much you are looking for :p
  6. It'd look a lot cleaner if you just screenshotted your stats. If you're using windows, then you could just use snipping tool for this.
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  7. Done....
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  8. How much are you looking to get?
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    How much are u looking for your account?
  9. i will buy right now, or as soon as you reply to this message. lmk.
  10. Make sure to use a middleman :)
  11. Off-Topic, but can you reply to my pm :D <3
  12. i think someone on here was going to sell me there account that wasnt this one. if that person wants to pm me that would be great
  13. The account is still for sale and stats have been improved greatly as well

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