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Discussion in 'General Market' started by Gandalf, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. Hey there, i am selling my Turmoil Pure if anyone is interested... The account stats are :
    Attack : 80
    Strength : 99
    Defence : 50
    Constitution : 92
    Ranged : 95
    Magic : 94
    Prayer : 95
    Summoning : 57
    Dungeoneering : 88
    Fletching : 99
    Agility : 99
    Hunter : 99

    The account also has
    - Full void (All Helmets)
    - Fighters hat
    - Full Agile
    Quest points : 153 / 355

    The account had 2 minor bans ( 2 day bans) long time ago, from a mistake my friend made. Account still has a few days of membership.

    Stats :
    Items :
    Blackmarks :
    Login screen :

    Minimum price : 150m RS3
    If any is intersted please message me... :/
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  2. Even though there aren't any set rules regarding account sales yet I would like to ask you to add a picture of the blackmarks including banmeter and the login screen.

    Thank you in advance.
  3. Uploaded blackmarks and login screen.
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  4. You've posted a link to the blackmarks twice :)
  5. Oh god... Now it should be okay :)
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  6. All good :)
  7. Somewhat interested, but I have no idea what accounts go for these days, so I'm going to need a ballpark number. You can PM me if you don't want to post it publicly.
  8. Id reckon this account is worth about... 100m rs3 give or take
  9. @frazboyz I was thinking to sell this account for 150m and that is the max price... thanks!
  10. Might want to add to the OP that the minimum price is 150m, then.
  11. Oh god im making so much mistakes.
  12. Lol all fine, buddy. You're the first to sell an account on this very site :)
  13. Hehe, There will be more of these later on :)
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  14. hey dude r u interested in trading it for a league of legends account at a price worth of 200$+ as some one offered that to me XD
  15. I really would like or paypal or rsgp for this one :/

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