selling username log in accounts made 2004. no offences.

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    Dec 4, 2014
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    Hello Community,

    Today i'd like to sell some of my accounts I made back in 2004.
    People claim that botting with "Old" accounts lasts longer way longer & doesn't get you banned; that is true.
    I'm going to show you a sneak-picture of my goldfarm (not going to give away much information what i'm botting but just to show they last longer/never get banned)
    Here are just two accounts, out of my heavy goldfarm: Please not that I don't use osbot to gold farm. I use another famous botting site starting with Tri. (EvilCabbage here; feel free to just say TriBot!)
    This account have lasted for months.

    Gyazo - 3ef58b1ede7fc70b93585213443193ea.png

    Gyazo - c8ce83cb3b9cd1087beb7234804a8ed3.png

    All accounts has 1 in every skill in 07.
    All accounts has 1 in every skill or higher in RS3.
    No membership for any of the accounts.
    All the 13 accounts has usernames to login with, there are no email login at all as they were made 2004.
    None of the accounts has a email connected to the account, up on purchase you can connect your own one easily.
    None of the accounts has any offences what so ever.
    There has been no emails connected to any of the accounts in any point in time
    I am the creator of the accounts


    If you want to purchase all, or a few of the accounts you will have to add my skype: robin.ham5

    i will only go first if i claim the user trusted, otherwise we'll use a MM at your cost.
    price will not be low. contact me on skype to offer me.
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  2. Clery

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    Interested, skyping you now.

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