Selling username logins (Fresh lvl 3s)

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Mikaelz, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. username : password (NOT email : password)

    They are all fresh, on tutorial island. What is special about these is that they are really old, so you can bot for probably 10 times longer than on a new-new account. They have no email attached, so when they have been delivered and you've changed password - they're literally all yours and noone can take them back.

    Price: $3 each.

    PM ONLY.
  2. well that's false btw to anyone considering buying one of these
  3. Basically he's saying that since the account is old, jagex won't think that this player will bot or get caught and is a dedicated/long term player. I doubt this tho.

    Anyone can be banned, doesn't matter how long they've been playing tbh.
  4. Ya ofc, I think I made that clear in the OP.
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    Anyone want a vouch copy? For suicide botting, then posting back here saying how long it took to get banned.
  5. Which is not true, why wouldn't Jagex monitor a player with very few playtime?
  6. PM me usernames please.
  7. Lol.

    Still for sale, also PMed you Evilcabbage.
  8. Yeh, can you pm me the list of names? i am actually intrested :p
  9. No, sorry. They will be delivered after purchase.
  10. Once again this is confirmed by Jagex. Most of the bots are banned within the first 24 hours.
  11. EvilCabbage is a staffmember, so I sent him a list of like 10 accounts to show that I offer legit accounts, in hope of him responding here verifying it.

    Thank you VAG, but I don't think these ppl will comprehend no matter how much we explain it.
  12. while i know its true that jagex said so, do you have a source?
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    he has sent me 5. how would you like me to verify them?
  13. Well idk, log on them and see they work?

    And the source is... Jagex? And if you're an experienced botter you know that a legit account can be botted on for weeks, while a bot from scratch will be banned in hours.
  14. Thats kinda BS...
  15. Haha with source i meant an article or post where they stay so. Ill test them later. Do you have any 10+ year old accounts btw?
  16. Nope sorry.
  17. Yes it's true that new account seem to be banned much easier than older accounts, however i don't think your statement is correct. It would make more sense for them to lower the bot watch or monitoring etc (whatever it is they do) on old accounts that also have a fair amount of play time. Old accounts with no play time would look pretty much as suspicious as a new account, at least from my perspective.
  18. One of the livestreams one of the J-Mods stated so. Obviously cant remember which one, as I happen to watch all of them.

    It was something like this
    "Most of the bots are banned within the first 24 hours, but sometimes, some bots get away from it"
  19. im looking for old accounts with no numbers in username, and that can provide info on accounts.

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