Selling XCompletionist Main [2595 Total] RS3 GP Only

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Connorjuice, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. Selling a fully maxed rs3 account, which had completionist cape until about 3/4 months ago so most of the requirements are out of the way.

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    No email/ Am the original owner so can provide all information needed.

    Need rs3 Gp/Bonds for Membership for my ironman.

    Flexible with trading options.
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  2. depends, how much you want for it?
  3. around 400-450 Rs3
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  4. pictures wont load for me, maybe try uploading them to imgur?
  5. only taking gp?
  6. Yeah sorry
  7. Do you have any references? It's hard to take you seriously if you have 5 post count, of which are 3 on this thread. Besides, the price is really low for a ex-compcape, AND for the fact that RSGP isn't refundable makes this really questionable.
  8. Only found rune mate a few days ago, the price isn't low at all so many people have max capes nowdays and the price people charge isn't actually the price they actually get. I don't use the account and have done for months since Ive created an ironman. Can do recovery tests to potential buyers to prove you have all required information.
  9. Can you meet me in game sir, I would like to verify that you really have this account, I would be willing to pay up to 475m in rs3 Gold for it
  10. I sent you a pm
  11. You should provide a screenshot of the account page so people are aware of any account offences that may be on the account.
  12. That works out to be about $150... I would be interested if it wasn't so sketchy.

    I would be willing to pay about $200 from paypal to paypal with an agreement letter sent between paypal accounts providing all the account information (with a middle man, and the middle man testing the information first) That way if for some crazy reason the account gets recovered (crazy) I will just forward all the information to jagex and you will be out an account. Also, in the notes sent over paypal I would request that you write you are selling me tangible items; a guild on how to get a runescape account to the lvl of the account you are selling me and the runescape account I get access from after you sell it to me is just a plus.

    There is plenty of people here that sell gp and many more websites you can go to, to buy gp. So only trading for gp is a big red flag to me.
  13. Willing to use a middle man and any other payment options other than Paypal.
  14. I'm interested. Please PM me if you would entertain an offer from me. I'd just like to warn you though that if you have any funny business planned don't contact me for your sake. I will take it very personally and do everything in my power to get reparations.
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  15. Pmed
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