Seren Stones 1.0.6

AFK Mining XP

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  2. Do you have any antiban included?
  3. Nothing other than going AFK. RuneMate handles most of the 'antiban' to my knowledge, such as waits etc.
  4. I'll give it a go and let you know if I encounter any issues.
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  5. There's currently a bug where the bot spamclicks the stone. I've uploaded a fix, would highly suggest you guys wait using this until that's been pushed!

    Thanks to Shimmy for the quick feedback.

    edit: Update pushed.
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  6. Thanks for the bot :) shall test it soon ^^
  7. Hey hey! Thanks for writing this for me Auxi! I shall have a gander at the source code and see what i can learn.
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  8. auxi updated Seren Stones with a new update entry:

    Seren Stones v0.0.5 Released!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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    I see I have around 10 users for this bot atm. Would any of you care to let me know if the bot works or not? I don't have an account to test this with so I'd appreciate some feedback :)
  9. Upon the spawn of a new stone, it is very idle, the script bot doesn't stop and there is mouse movement, but I have to manually prompt mining then it continues as normal.
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  10. Hmm so Seren Stones are a bit different than I thought. I will look into that xGoogle, thanks for the report.
  11. Will it keep skilling pets or drop/destroy them ?
  12. Would be rad if it could like show how long it's been running, xp gained, and xp/hr please! Besides that, works wonderful!
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  13. Working great for me over the last few days! Don't have summoning pouches in your inventory or it will repeatedly click them even after you run out of summ points, which stops mining and looks very bot-like. Could use lots of antiban work (camera turns, mouse off screen, checking skills) but its a great bot otherwise!

    I agree with ozdev that an xp log would be very nice =)

    Thanks auxi!
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  14. Bot keeps on repeatedly kicking stones, other than that smooth sailing bot
  15. Kicking the stones? I'm completely confused, how do Seren stones work? Could you explain please?
  16. All you do is sit their and afk mine..

    Idk what he's on about lol
  17. every 10-20 seconds it clicks the stone, thats not afk at all.
  18. Pushed an update, hopefully it will fix it.
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  19. After every successful attempt of mining the seren stone, the mining animation will stop - this is where the bot currently reclicks the seren stone. Each stone has 70 charges, there's no need to reclick before it runs out (other player's contributions also count so it's shorter with more players on one stone). So basically it's clicking up to 70 times where only once is required - you get that this doesn't look very human.

    Other than that it looks great, will definitely be using this for 99 mining if you can fix this.

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