OSRS Serene Firecapes & Zulrah [24/7] - Fast: Zerkers/Voiders/Mains - [RSGP/PP]

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    In between the writing bots, you sometimes get bored. As that boredom kicked in for me I've realized that I don't really have much else to do in game besides farm Zulrah for GP to max my build (and that gets boring, believe me).. so why not start a FC/Zulrah service? Runemate's FIRST EVER OSRS-only Firecaping service!

    Tired of having to wear an obby, legends or a shitty skillcape? Can't seem to kill Jad and don't want to risk over an hour just to mess up on one prayer flick? Put in an order!

    Worried about my legitimacy in regards to knowing my shit? Check out my PV
    P guide on how to build Pking builds: OSRS - PVP Guide - How to make: 1 def pure, Void pure, Zerker, and Tank:
    Back to the services: As of now, only doing 40 defence+.

    Blowpipe - Full caves: 5M
    RCB/KBow - Full Caves: 6M
    Jad only - Either method: 1M
    Welfare gear: +1M to those listed above.

    60+ Hitpoints
    70+ Range
    40+ Defence
    44+ Prayer
    Fury Glory
    Addy darts+ Mith darts or less
    Broad/Diamond bolts Broad only with low range (70-75)
    Super Restores Prayer potions
    Zulrah Services
    (For those of you needing to complete your fremmy hard diary :cool:)
    Cost: 500k + the drop
    60+ HP
    75+ Range
    40+ Def (exceptions available)
    44+ Prayer
    75+ Magic
    Blowpipe > Karils Xbow > RCB w/ Diamond Bolts+
    Arma/Ah >= Void > Dhide/Mystic
    Occult/Anguish > Occult/Fury > Occult > Fury
    Mage/Range skill capes > God cape/Accum > God cape
    Toxic Trident > Trident > Ice spells > Ibans
    Eternal boots > Infinity boots > Mystic boots
    Arcane > Spectral > Mage's book > Ward > Ancient book > Spirit shield > Guthix book


    Payment methods: 07RSGP or Paypal (GP preferred, PayPal accepted).
    Disclaimer: I record every order I complete, whether that be a full round of fight caves or a 2 minute zulrah kill. This is to protect both you and I in the case of anyone of us not leaving satisfied.

    • Until the service is rendered complete and confirmed via me, you won't log into the account. (I may take a pee break during caves, you don't want to log in during Jad).
    • You agree the pay the amount specified in the costs section unless otherwise stated by me.
    • If payment isn't paid upon service completion, you allow me the right to deduct the cost of services from your in-game items. If in-game items do not cover the costs, a dispute will be opened.

    Payment method:
    Service requested:
    Do you have the minimum reqs:
    Do you have skype and/or discord:
    Agree to TOS:

    Payment method: RSGP
    Service requested: BP - full fight caves
    Do you have the minimum reqs: Yes.
    Do you have skype and/or discord: Skype: exampleSkypeUser
    Agree to TOS: Yes
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  2. Totally trustable! Would do again.
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  3. Did a Jad-Only order for Sustain


    And here's a screenshot of the last kill on my most recent zulrah run. Low-ish level zerker!

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    Open now. Fast services!
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  4. Do I have to provide my own gear? and pots? Really interested btw.
  5. Yeah you'd have to provide your own gear/pots for both.
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    Bump. Open
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    Just finished a full fight caves bp order for @Rei00 ! Open whenever.

  6. Great experience! Went out of his way to make sure my fire cape was done in timely manner. Also doesnt hurt that he has the lowest prices I've seen so far on any other forum $$$ 11/10 would recommend
  7. Just finished a firecape on a low level rune pure, less than 70 combat!


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  8. Great service, would definitely do it again! Enjoying my fire cape 10/10
  9. [​IMG]

    Finished a full fight caves order for @poogie94! Trusted with over 25M, 70 range and done in no time!
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    Another zulrah kill for a low level zerker.
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  10. Explained me everything like 3 times and didn't laugh at my noobness.

    I vouch this 100% legit
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  11. Finished full caves for @BubbaJ! Open whenever!

  12. 100% Legit, the service was exceptional and extremely fast. I'll probably be back, eventually, for a few more kills or a Jad take-down. Much appreciated.
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  13. Zulrah Kill & Western Hard done for @ShiGuyX!

  14. Great service. No need to worry about legitimacy obviously. Quick and easy (y)
  15. Thanks for the vouch!
    Finished order for @Germanshield

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