Tutorial Series: Writing bots for RuneMate, from novice to expert

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    Hi, and welcome to my series of tutorials for writing bots for RuneMate. Below is a list of video tutorials by me which, when finished, should take you all the way through from knowing nothing about RuneMate and its API to being able to write some reasonably complex bots with little outside help. Here is the tutorial list (so far):​

    For convenience, the videos of each of the tutorials are embedded below. If you want the full details of each of the tutorials, be sure to go over to the relevant pages listed above.​

    Tutorial 1:

    Tutorial 2:
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  2. Nice tutorial for beginners, do you intend to make a whole series?
  3. Stickied :)
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  4. Yep. After my exams, I'll probably release a ton of videos.
  5. Awesome! Be sure to make an 'index page' or one big thread with the whole series so that I can sticky that :)

    Can't sticky 15 different posts you know :p
  6. nah m8, I'll hav 2 pages of stickies pls.
  7. ayy
  8. I'm looking at the download speed and I'm amazed :O I hardly can download by 150kb/sec ! :(
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  9. i Download at 4.9Mb/ps ;p
  10. Thanks so much for the tutorial! Please make more!
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  11. Sick job you did there m9
  12. I don't seem to have the green plus to add the runemate.jar file
  13. Thanks, already did earlier. My version of intelliJ was a bit different, all sorted though!
  14. Damn, so sexy voice. No homo whatsoever.

    I'll probably go through em tutorials, and get that bot author rank:p
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  15. Almost word for word what I said to @Eagles13. XD
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  16. He should read audio books.
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  17. I second this. Also, GPS with this voice... just WOW!

    Btw, @Arbiter you used to have this avatar right? I hope it's not my memory that's fucking with me:(
  18. Yeah I did have a similar one. Might've been the same idk lol.
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  19. thank you for making another tutorial. :D

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