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  1. This is the second time i was hacked, i was logged in an hour ago logged off and checked back in, in an different area with my inventory gone. THIS CLIENT IS NOT SAFE. After i got hacked the first time i got a bank pin, and went into my unescape account and CHANGED MY PASSWORD. i have ONLY used the reanimate client SINCE being hacked. now i go into unescape and see that my money is gone and my valuable items AGAIN. NO ONE KNOWS MY PIN EXCEPT THE CLIENT THAT I TYPED IT INTO AKA RUNEMATE. I AM VERY UPSET. this is not ok and an administrator need to look into the security of this client IMMEDIATELY. I am sick and tired of the staff saying that there is no security problem, i have been an active member of the reanimate client and love it. BUT 2 TIMES IS NOT OK and i will NOT stand dormant again. i literally rebuilt up from nothing only to get it all taken. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look into this NOW I'm furious, frustrated, and quite frankly PISSED THE FUCK OFF. THIS CLIENT IS NOT SAFE AT THE MOMENT.

    Details and observations of whats happened: both times i was hacked when i logged in i was in a different place. my public chat was always turned OFF. my inventory had useless items in it. and my bank was empty of anything worth any value. i DO have a bank pin, and it was only entered in RUNEMATE SO NO ONE COULDVE KNOWN IT.


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  3. I will stand firm, and tell you, This Client is safe, I will vouch for them at anytime as well, Maybe think before posting nonsense Like, this :)
  4. i really do appreciate your opinion, but i am telling you 100% that there is something wrong here. i have stood by runemate through thick and thin, i have done everything to protect my acc and have only put my info on runemate, specifically my bank pin, literally runemate is the ONLY thing I've put my new bank pin on. Again, i thank you for your opinion, but i still stand. I am not a liar, I'm not doing this for attention. I am honestly and truthfully concerned for the safety of everyone. i would have brushed it off if it wasn't for the bank pin. i will emphasize again, I ONLY PUT THE BANK PIN IN RUNEMATE ACC TAB THATS LITERALLY IT. i have spoken to nobody about it at all, or put it anywhere at all.
  5. Then do a virus scan, because pretty certain it wasn't because of runemate lol
  6. Some people need to get hacked TWICE to learn to use two step authentication.
  7. i have run a virus scan just now on Bitdefender virus scanner and it turned up nothing, so i do not have a key logger or any malware on my computer. Listen, I'm not bsing this. i have done all the checks, set all the precautions. I would just really like for an administrator to please check the security of the client. even if they think there is nothing wrong, for the sake of everyone.
  8. Not saying it wasn't runemate, but why didn't you just set up two-factor authentification? Then even if they have your password and PIN, they can't even use it.
  9. Very valid point, and not setting up 2 step auth until now is 100% on me. however, my previous statements still stand.
  10. It wasn't RM; plain and simple.
  11. I would use 2FA for both RuneMate and your Runescape account, although I personally only use it for RuneMate.

    It could be that somehow, someone managed to get your RuneMate details, and then used that to log into your runescape account via the client. Do you use the same details for multiple sites? There have been a few database dumps, etc.
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    I can with 100% certainty that it's not RuneMate itself doing the hacking. And the information sent and received by the servers is very well secured, however that doesn't really matter if they can get the details through some other method.
  12. Download hitmanpro it is the best virus scanner picks everything up
  13. "i have done everything to protect my acc"
    Yet you didn't even use 2step auth..
  14. I can see the IP used to access your forum account has also been used to access 3 separate accounts. I'll escalate this, but the likelihood is (because you aren't using 2FA) that somebody has gained access to your RuneMate account, and used the client to log in to your RuneScape account (via starting a bot).

    The same things get said on every single one of these "hacked" posts, so for now I'll be closing this up until @Arbiter gets home. If you have any questions in the mean time, please feel free to message myself or another member of Staff.
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