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  1. So I tried botting on my new rs3 account, i accomplished it for 6h and then the session ended. Does it happen on osrs? (The session ending after 6h of botting)
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  2. So hold up. You started a new acc on RM, botted for 6 hours, and then your acc was banned? I am sorry but it definitely sounds like your IP being the problem rather than the client. I haven't heard a single new user get banned in 6 hours using a new account unless they already have had accounts banned on their IP, there getting it flagged. Oh and yes, for now your session will end after 6 hours, but @Cloud and @Arbiter have said that 6 hour reloading will in fact be added later now. It also happens in OSRS :)
  3. Lol, I dont really care about being banned. It was the first time I got banned, ever. This thread is about the 6h session ending not about the ban itself.
  4. I edited my post to answer your question. 6 hour reloading will be added once all the other major bugs have been sorted out :). OSRS also apparently logs you out after 6 hours.
  5. Thanks thanks. :D
  6. Which bot(s) did you use? I have to flag it as detectable and notify the developer(s).
  7. Actually, somehow the account got blocked but all it had was a problem with the password. I just recovered it, it's intact and it's wcing from now on :D
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  8. Mate don't start saying the client got you banned without confirming that you were actually banned.
  9. Lol, I made a mistake. So what.
  10. Im not hounding you for making a mistake, i am just saying to be more careful next time. RuneMate is still in its infancy stages, and some accusations are not good for such a new client. Who would want to try a client that would get you banned in 6 hours on a new acc and IP? No one. Just be more careful :)
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  11. Well I'm glad you figured it out, would you mind editing the top post saying it was a mistake on your part?
  12. I havent got banned and its running smooth. Thanks runemate.
  13. From my experience and business sake, 6 hour restart is needed soon. Not being able to bot pass 6 hours doesn't allow scripters / users to further test runemate's stability and many users want to go run past 6 hours without input.

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