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  1. Hello, to any bot author or person with coding experience. Could someone please create a bot to aid in the creation of Models for objects that have messed up ones. This has been a major hindrance for all agility bots and would be greatly appreciated by many!
  2. I can't even find words to describe how wrong this section is xD
    Anyways, due to the fact that atm there is no paint overlay, it's hardly possible to make a good working tool for this.
  3. I have tried to make a swing gui that would display the messeday up model, and then the users created modelwould also show up. But I am too new to Java
  4. Arbi's working on it iirc.
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  6. Oh cool! That will be great! Thanks Partyshanked
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    Slashnhax, when you say iirc, you are saying you think or known arbi is?
  7. Idk dude, it's all a mystery. Spooky scary skeletons wooooo
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