Tutorial Setting up Eclipse for RuneMate [Not Advised]

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  1. Hey guys, in this tutorial i'll be showing you how to install and setup Eclipse for use with RuneMate.

    1. So to start with we'll need to download the latest version of eclipse which can be downloaded here.
    You'll want the one called 'Eclipse IDE for Java Developers'. If you're running a 32-bit operating system make sure you get the 32-bit version.
    Once you've clicked the download link corresponding to your systems architecture you'll be redirected to a page with a heap of download links. I usually just choose the big green down arrow one but if that's too slow you can try one of the mirrors. The download will be in the form of a zip file so you'll need an extraction tool such as winrar to open it. Eclipse is a portable application (No installation required) so wherever you extract it to will be where you run it from.

    2. Once you've got eclipse extracted, open the folder and double click the eclipse.exe file. Eclipse will start loading up and will ask you to specify a workspace directory. This is where all of your script bot source and class files will be stored. Select an appropriate path (The default is usually fine) and tick the option to use this workspace as the default. If you don't you'll be asked which workspace you wish to use every time you open eclipse (Workspace can be changed from within the eclipse settings).

    Now that eclipse is open you'll see the welcome window. Close it by clicking the cross in the welcome tab.You should now see the Project Explorer to the left side of the screen.

    3. Now we need to install the Eclipse Subversive (svn) software. This will allow us to share the project to our RuneMate svn account so that we can submit our bots for use on the bot store.
    To install this we need to go to this page and click and drag the install button (on the right side) into our eclipse window.
    Once we've done this the Eclipse Marketplace will open and should look something like this.
    Make sure all of the packages are selected and then click the confirm button.
    You'll then see a terms and conditions window, agree to them and hit finish.
    If you get a popup similar to below just hit yes.

    You'll then see a progress bar. It might take a couple minutes for the software to download and install so just sit back and relax.

    Once that's finished you'll be prompted to restart eclipse, select yes.

    When Eclipse has loaded again you'll probably see the welcome window again, close it the same way you did last time.

    4. Now we need to create a project. To do the following in the Project Explorer: Right click -> New -> Other

    You should see a window popup similar to below. Expand the SVN folder and select Project from SVN and then hit next

    5. You'll now be prompted to install an svn connector as this is the first time you've used the svn plugin. Select the highest version SVN kit available, in this case SVN kit 1.8.7 and then hit finish.

    Another prompt will appear asking you to select the items you wish to install. Make sure everything is ticked and click next twice. You'll see the terms and conditions window again, agree and finish.
    Shortly after you'll get a security warning asking if you want to install the software, just hit ok.
    You'll now be prompted to restart eclipse again, select yes and then perform step 4 again.

    6. You should see the Checkout from SVN window. We now need to go to the RuneMate developers page and copy our svn project url.
    Paste the url into the URL field of the Checkout from SVN window.
    Now enter the username displayed on that same page in the Username field and enter your svn password. If you don't know it you can reset it using the Reset SVN Password button on the developers page. Select save authentication, next and then finish. It may take a couple seconds to process.

    7. The checkout as window will now be shown, make sure 'Check out as a project configured using the New Project Wizard' option is selected and then hit finish. We'll now see the New Project wizard again (From step 4). This time though, expand Java and select Java Project then next.
    Enter a project name and make sure the selected JRE is 1.8 or higher and then hit finish.

    If you're asked to configure a master password you can select no, it won't make a difference.
    Your package explorer should now look something like this (Without the red cross)

    8. Now we need to add the RuneMate jar as a library reference so that Eclipse doesn't throw errors when you use the RuneMate api, it will also allow Eclipse to auto import packages and suggest methods.
    To do so we need to do the following to the project in the Package Explorer: Right click -> Build Path -> Add External Archives

    Now navigate to your RuneMate.jar file and select it.

    And you're now setup to start developing RuneMate bots in Eclipse, I hope this tutorial helped :)

    (May add WindowBuilder instructions in the next few days ;))
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  2. @Aidden , this happend, what do I do now?

  3. Never seen that one before but the error message seems to be the same as the one i mentioned. What happens if you just click ok and then confirm/finish?
  4. I think in the end it says It can't validate the url or something. I'll try again
  5. If you can't get it to work i'll add an alternative method.
  6. okay, thanks for the input. :)
  7. I changed my SVN password, how do i edit that in my current project settings?

    Edit: Apparently it will prompt for password once i upload something
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  8. Thank you :) A really good explained tutorial
  9. how can i upload to the svn? i have the .java and manifest.xml in eclipse

  10. I would highly advise all aspiring developers to use IntelliJ instead of Eclipse. It's just a better IDE in all ways. An engineer is only as good as his tools.
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