Setting up RuneMate with Geany

Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by Einstein, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Hey, I just switched to Ubuntu and I cant find out how to import the RuneMate directories. Any help would be appreciated. I'm using Geany as my IDE.

    Never mind, I found the Eclipse download my bad!
  2. Ugh I seriously recommend you to try installing Eclipse IDE instead, we are more used to it, not sure if you'll get an effective answer for that IDE
  3. Yeah, I wasn't sure if they had it or not. I found it though thanks for the reply.
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  5. I'm more familiar with eclipse, but now I've run into another problem I forgot Linux doesn't use batch commands. Now I have to completely relearn bash scripting. Any commands with bash that will open RuneMate in dev mode?
  6. ^^ If you don't get a reply about bash, keep in mind that you can create a Run configuration in Eclipse that accomplishes the same thing, as long as you run the program from Eclipse.
    edit: If you've never set one up before, the setup will be similar to the setup shown in RuneMate's IntelliJ setup tutorial.
  7. Lol, thank you I forgot I could just add an argument.
  8. The bash command would be identical to the batch as it's just invoking the same (in essence) java executable with arguments. :p
  9. Don't do eclipse, eclipse gives programmers aids :(

    IntelliJ cures aids go go go....
  10. I agree that IntelliJ is the superior IDE and that the switch from Eclipse to IntelliJ was worth it, if frustratingly confusing at first.
  11. IntellIJ is lovely, just like PHPStorm, those are the big brothers of Eclipse & Netbeans.
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  12. I personally would always use Intellij for the superior indexing and the autocompletion built into it can be a life saver. If you're a student you can get a free professional copy
  13. Only for post-secondary level students, not high school, afaik.
  14. Oh, I'm not sure because I'm post high school haha. I know one of my friends who attends college gets it. I think you just need an academic email.

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