Several bans

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by rmeyers413, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. Be careful using this bot currently.. Had three account banned and I didn't raven bot on them just from logging in with the tune mate client triggered a ban. These were fresh account never played and it banned them within 10 seconds. Just be careful right now guys
  2. Your fault then.
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  3. Fresh accs created on a botting client?
  4. No these were old acccounts I had, fresh meaning they just havent been played before they werent made in the client. just logged in and banned. Didnt even get to walk around to try and start a profile.
  5. Play legit, do a couple quests etc.. before botting.
  6. I was just banned for 48 hours.. logged in didn't do anything and 5-10 seconds later I'm logged out and banned.

    It could be a coincidence but it sure as hell looked like an auto ban via client detection.
  7. He literally said he wasn't botting. Just logging in on the client.
  8. If you were to log in with a fresh account; no skills and no quests done, then logging in with any botting client is suicide. What I meant was that he should've considered playing legit before moving onto RM.
  9. Yea this isn't the clients fault. You need to play on the real client and get a few skills up (skill total 50) is what I generally aim for before moving over to the RM client without any issues.

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