RS3 Shared xp or individually train att, str, and def?

Discussion in 'RS3' started by neptune123, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. I'm power leveling from 50-70 combat on 4 bots on runescape 3 and I'm wondering which would be more efficient to train via shared xp meaning I get xp in att, str, def per every kill or just get xp for 1 stat only but it's more xp only I'll have to traing them one by one? Please help me someone give me some tips on combat..:( ty I have full rune armor and rune scimmy with ammy of fury and obby cape so I get the optimal gear at my current level.

    Here is a picture of how my bots look while power leveling them at the moment: Gyazo - 2f5cde9b9778d491cd5a7459050c8a27.jpg
    Please leave tips and tricks thank you! :)
  2. I'd say Str > Att > Def, I usually switch every 10 levels at that combat level (while the levels are still coming fast)
  3. thanks Ricespud for answering. Yeah I'm doing that right now I'm botting moss giants.
  4. dps>all attack>str>def
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    Oh and post 50 attack get a crush weapon and do deadly red spiders.
  5. soooo is that a yes or a no on the experience for att str def at the same time?....
  6. Attack then str then defence...
  7. ok tyvm doing it right now at the deadly red spider in chaos tunnels <3 :D

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