RS3 Sharky's Gold shop.

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  1. Welcome to the Sharky's RS3 gold shop

    Currently gold is stock: 0M

    Selling price: 0.24$/M
    Minimum buy amount: 20M
    Gold sold: 570M

    You can contact me via skype: Sharpwindy7
    Accepting PayPal only.
    *Always ask for a private message before buying!

    Gold beeing stocked every day.
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  2. Good luck with the shop, I might come in 2 or 3 weeks to buy some :)
  3. Great :)
  4. I will buy all your stock contact me SKYPE : Jizmzz
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    Great Seller Went First Smooth As

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  5. Thank-you Jizm :) .
  6. This is for RS3 right? I might be looking to buy later on when you get stock back. I'll check back.
  7. Yes it RS3 gold :) . Gold will be stocked tommorow.
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    Sold out.
  8. Bought 50m RS3 from him. Awesome person to deal with.
  9. Do you still have gold? Im interested,
  10. Got only 25m atm. Doing a pause for the holydays. If you are interested contact me
  11. Bought the last of the current stock! Sharky is very easy to work with :) Had gold within minutes :D. A++++++
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  12. Thanks for buying mate :)
  13. whats stock looking like this fine christmas day?
  14. Sorry, got only 20M for sale today :) . After 2-3 hours, maybe 40M
  15. Could you pm through this site?Or is it though rs?
  16. Well, its through skype mostly, but we can talk through pm too. I just sent you a message. Reply to me if you are interested )
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