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  1. when I tried downloading the client I received error by my anti-virus [​IMG]
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  3. No your anti-virus is being over-zealous. Here and here are some information about the vulnerability. In case you can't be bothered to read all that let me quote the first article's bold text: update Java. Specifically, you're looking for Java 8 x64 Update 60. Additionally, uninstall any outdated Java versions through "Add or Remove Programs."

    P.S. I'd appreciate the name of your anti-virus provider so I can write them a strongly worded letter about false-positives.
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  4. What anti-virus program do you use? :)
    Bitdefender is the best one, and no report for RuneMate yet :)
  5. You have to show me one of those letters and their response.
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  6. the anti-virus i'm using is Avast free antivirus 2015

    the stupid part is that it won't even allow me to make it false positive it just blocks it and when i try and downloading it again it gives the webpage an error
  7. Have you tried uninstalling the versions of Java you have and installing the latest as suggested?
    They rarely respond unfortunately. :(
  8. yes i've installed java 60update 64bit and uninstalled the previous versions

    no worries for now i just turned it off till i replace it with something else
  9. I use Avast as well... it works fine for me :/ Maybe because i'm using Premium version I guess.
  10. Probably because you started the letter with "Dear panchods of [insert company name]" :p
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  11. Oh, you should be very worried now.
  12. I highly recommend Malwarebytes (free).

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