Show commit notes in bot update nofications

Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by Ozzy, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. Any chance we could get our commit notes quoted in the update message posted on a bots thread? It would encourage bot authors to write good commit notes as well as notifying users as to what changes have occurred.
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  2. 100% support. I should shape up on writing half-assed text in the commit notes though. :D
  3. Obviously! Saves time and effort since people don't have to ask what changed :D
  4. I always write something like "lol" whenever I fuck something up tiny that breaks major functionality of the bot.
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  5. The idea is good, but your reasoning is disgusting.
    You should read up on commit message conventions.
  6. Wouldn't work. What if you commit multiple bots at once? All those bots changelogs would get the full commit message instead of the ones specific to that bot.
  7. My commit messages are almost always nonsense xD
  8. Then you're doing it wrong.
  9. This blog post should be useful to you.
  10. Been asking for this for ages. Would be nice to finally get it.
  11. You might say that, and I could understand it being easy for people with a few bots where each commit might be a fix for a single bot, but both @Aidden and I have over 20 bots and when we release fixes/updates it's usually not on single bot per commit basis xD

    I'm not opposed to the suggestion, I think it would work well and after thinking about it, I support it.
  12. You should make lots of small commits instead of fewer big commits.
  13. Mate, in a perfect world I would, the main reason I don't is because it'd be a drag and I don't see the need at the moment. With collab projects where there's other people using the same repo who might need to know what each commit was for I put effort into the messages, but not for my private projects. Also, I don't fix errors methodically, once at a time and then commit, I tend to switch around and fix multiple problems at once, like fix bug 1 in bot 1, fix bug 3 in bot 2, go back to bot 1 and fix another bug, go to bot 2 and make a method more efficient etc. I really cbf atm to make a note of everything I do, especially since this is a hobby xD
  14. If it works for you, there's no need to change it.
    You should use whatever you like best.
  15. Having the commit notes show would be good though, even if they're not specifically for the bots that are updated, worst case scenario they're nonsense messages xD.

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