RS3 Simple darkscape mage/range training bot.

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  1. This bot would be located at Combat Training Camp

    Area is unlocked after completing Plague city & Biohazard. There are several 56 level ogres in cage that can be killed really easily since they have only 200lifepoints.
    There are 8 ogres and spawn time is 50seconds.
    No food / looting required.
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  2. How much xp do the orgres give per kill
    How long do they take to spawn
  3. 185xp per kill. 138/139xp to mage/range and 45xp to consitution. And spawn time is 50seconds
  4. Cursing the bear in Varrock is suitable all the way to 99.
  5. Is this supposed to be a joke?
  6. Not working is it?
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  7. Quit spamming this post if it has nothing to do with post.

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