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  1. Hey fellow botters,

    My main (2400+ total) was banned some time ago for macroing and since then I've created a skiller because I never liked combat. This thread will be about the progress I make on it, everything will be done with bots from RumeMate except quests and such.
    I might blackout some skills for safety reasons, you can't be safe enough lol. Will try to keep you updated at least once a week.

    Starting stats (3th May 2015):

    Current stats (2nd September 2015):

    Currently training:

    Bots used:
    Agility: Alpha Agility
    Crafting: Alpha Crafter
    Divination: Alpha Divination Lite & QualityDivination
    Firemaking: Jaeger Bonfire & TenCurlyRoots
    Fletching: MaxiFletcher
    Hunter: Celestial Hunter
    Mining: Bat Miner AIO
    Woodcutting: MaxiWoodcutter
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  2. Looking good, best of luck :)
  3. Nice 90 fishing. Gl !
  4. That runecrafting though 0_o! Sick man goodluck!
  5. Never had a skiller, but always loved the idea of them. Hope you make this into something grand! :)
  6. How are you making money? o_O
  7. Best of luck to you my friend!
  8. I see you do mining atm, please keep me up with some information, what do you train on, which bot etc cuz I gotta do that shit too some day (a)

    Best of luck btw, I heard powermining granite on a skilled is doable with desert robes and Regen bracelet, maybe u didn't know and it might help . :)
  9. Very Nice, Good Luck!
  10. sandstone you mean?
  11. Pretty sure they mentioned granite, might be sandstone too, not sure anymore now lol
  12. Granite m9. Sandstones have a limit on how many you can mine each day.
  13. o
  14. Sure, mined Coal till 77 at Dwarven Resource Dungeon now. Gonna do 77 to 80 with Coal at Living Rock Caverns and from 80 to 99 mining Gold there. Might continue with Coal though, depends on prices and how much it differs with xp/h since it's the only account I have so I need the cash lol.
    Used Bat Miner till 77 but there's no LRC miner out here yet I'm gonna switch to hunt.

    That's actually a great idea man thanks! Never thought of Regen Bracelet, can be useful with other things too :). Ben ook nl trouwens, veel hier volgens mij haha.

    By skilling lol, trained Runecrafting to 91 mostly by crafting airs so that got me some money to start off with. I probably need to train everything the profitable way rather than fast to make some cash for Construction and Herblore..

    Thanks all for the support, didn't bot much since I was busy at work past few days.
    Got 77 Mining for LRC and started doing some Hunter to get those easy total levels :).
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  15. Not bad. Whenever I made a skiller, it somehow turned into a main haha. Good luck with it (y) !
  16. Well it has already been Sunday so time for the first week.

    Didn't bot really much this week, some Mining and Hunter. Waiting for a LRC bot to come out and continue Mining, in the meantime I'll be doing some Crafting/Hunter/Divination I think :).
    Got a great proggy last night using BatMiner AIO which ran for more than 18 hours!
  17. you do realise iron is 25k/hr....30k/hr with urns
  18. hes going for that mulah
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  19. never knew bat miner AIO banked?!??

    Fuckin sweet!
  20. well it shows profit an hr, would not make sense if it doesnt bank lmao

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