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  1. Hello fellow RuneMates!

    I always wanted a real skiller, no combat and so on. So I decided to get my self a complete clean account to start with.
    RuneMate will be helping me with the bots of course, which I owe my love to.

    I'll be posting progress pictures here and will roughly be playing on it for like 3-8 hours daily. Depends on how my schooldays and workdays are.

    I hope you will follow my road through the life of a skiller!

    So if you have some ideas on what I should go for, for the start - hit me up with a comment and give a like to show your support. <3

    // Janse

    First progress picture:

    New progress picture and new update!

    Day 3 I think. Can't remember haha.

    I haven't actually been botting too much, since I've played legit for some days now. But I did some firemaking, divination, crafting and fletching by botting.
    Hopefully I'll grab a total level of 500+ by the end of tomorrow.
    I will start doing some mining, smithing and might also go for some farming soon.
    Also note to mention - I started out as a F2P skiller, but it was so boring to only do f2p skills and I was thinking about doing some p2p skills like herblore, fletching and agility - which I actually haven't been doing.

    I've set my own goal to be atleast 40+ in mining, smithing, fishing, crafting and herblore by the end of September. Hopefully I can gain a lot of the xp during DXP. I've done some quests too and will do The Knight's Sword soon so I can get my mining raised.

    Here is the new progress picture!
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  2. I actually just started an Ironman Skiller, which will be 100% botted. should be fun :) Good luck with your skiller, I find fletching is a super fast 99 to get right off the bat.
  3. Haha nice! Can't wait to see the progress of it. It should be a tough challenge though because of the strict rules. Keep me updated man :cool:
  4. Exactly! I like a challenge though :) And once I have a week or two worth of progress I'll start posting, so that I have extra content for slow days, and so the stats won't be too close to my actual stats :)
  5. Sounds cool! Can't wait :)
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  6. Awesome idea man,

    Good luck!
  7. Thank you man!
  8. Thank you Evil!
    Currently doing quests to get some free lvls and treasure hunter keys to get bonus xp. Would've botted WC overnight but I couldn't as the client freezes on my Mac.

    Time to get some money tho :p
  9. Good luck and be careful!
  10. Thanks!
    I will be careful. I haven't botted that much on it. Will probably do like 40% botting - 60% legit.

    New update to the post also! Check it out and come with some tips&tricks if you have some :-D

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