RS3 Skipped tutorial, no weapon...

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  1. I just made a new acc as I wanted to try out botting. I skipped the tutorial and now I don't have any weapon at all.. How can I get a weapon? Any is fine but I'd prefer to get a magic weapon as I wanma train magic. Thanks :(
  2. Kill cows or goblins in rs3 to get air staff. Osrs, idk how, use grand exchange
  3. Lol... In OSRS you can speak to combat tutors where you spawn in Lumbridge. Not sure if this applies to RS3. Also, The Blood Pact

    EDIT: I assumed RS3. That quest is not available in OSRS.
  4. Yeah but the thing is, I don't HAVE A WEAPON. Sorry for caps, just wanted to stress that.

    I tried doing the quest but I can't kill the person since I don't have a weapon.

    And yeah, I can't really kill a cow cuz I don't have a weapon....
  5. Haven't done the quest since Darkscape but I thought they give you a weapon for each part and then you just keep it.
  6. Chickens! Haven't you played before?
  8. Not sure if troll. When you don't have a weapon equipped can kick stuff. Trust me, you can kill a chicken with your foot.
  9. Oh well, I just traded a weapon from my main.. I didnt wanna link the bot acc with my main but o well. Can my main get banned?
  10. I think I just gained a chromosome after reading this thread
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  11. this is some a grade retardation, have you played runescape before?
    1. pick 5 potatoes on your way to the ge or chop a few logs for a few hundred gp
    2. go to GE and buy a weapon
  12. if u come to a street fight and u forgot the weapon, are you the guy who just stands here and take the hits or do you maybe think u have legs and arms.... jesus christ +1 chromosome indeed

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