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Discussion in 'RS3' started by skrall, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Aha! Nope this is not a progress thread - my account is already maxed so my progress is already over.
    My account was already ~2300 total level but the more or less annoying skills were not maxed yet :)
    I'm simply listing what 99's I had left since I joined RuneMate and how I completed them and when.
    Feel free to ask any questions!

    ¤ To kick off the list, I got 99 Woodcutting on 26 December 2014. My account had already like 94, so I finished this skill up by cutting Crystal Trees with MaxiWoodcutter. It was a very basic script bot back then, at least concerning chopping those shiny trees. Antiban was not present and sometimes the bot lobbied, wasting a bit of xp.
    But in the end I got it done, thanks to @Aidden 's MaxiWoodcutter.

    ¤ On 5 January, I got the hang of botting and I finished what some consider one of the most tedious skills on RuneScape: I achieved 99 Divination. The bot I used was made by @Defeat3d and is called Celestial Divination (CP Divination back then). I consider this bot being one of the best pieces of developing I have ever used. The bot is stable, almost flawless (any minor bugs I encountered were reported). Now that it has gone Premium, it will be one of RuneMate's trump cards. After every new Divination area that was unlocked, I changed to the best I could use. I did stay on Dragontooth Isle though, as I didn't want to go to the desert.

    ¤ During January, I gained a lot of levels while collecting stuff for the upcoming Double XP weekend in February. In the meantime I botted Fishing overnight. On 28 January I achieved 99 Fishing using CP Fisher (now it's gone Premium supporting OSRS as well and the name changed to Celestial Fisher). This is made by @Savior and I used the option to catch fish at the Baxtorian Falls. Stable and excellent antiban, I maxed this skill in no time.

    ¤ I started doing Warbands again. The most stupid skill (at least, in my opinion) where you can gain xp from doing this activity, is Farming. With 300k xp a day, it's a fast skill. I maxed this skill on 16 February.

    ¤ I knew February would be a month of gains. More rather boring skills can be crossed of the list, as I reached the highest level in Runecrafting. The bot I used was hRunecrafter made by @Hakuna Matata. It has been a while since it has been updated, and the bot was not perfect. This still got me 99 Runecrafting on 19 February.

    ¤ Time for Double XP weekend. I started getting 99 Herblore by using an autoclicker making overloads. I also got 99 Mining by using an autoclicker on the Seren Stones, which was dead easy. These two were achieved on 20 February.

    ¤ The weekend was a weekend of gains. On 22 February I maxed Smithing as well as Hunter. Smithing was done with the Corrupted ore I got from 99 Mining, as well as using Protean Bars I got from Treasure Hunter on Portable Anvils. A fast and easy 99. Hunter on the other hand, I achieved doing Grenwalls with @Defeated's Chinchompa Hunter. Now it has been expanded and catch a whole lot more than just those stupid red animals. I used it to catch Grenwalls though, have a look at the 'guides' section of the forum how I did it.

    ¤ While the weekend was almost over, I quickly gained more xp in the Crafting skill doing the Ithell Harps. Autoclickers all the way, free xp coming in nicely. This was done on 23 February.

    ¤ The only two skills left now are Construction and Agility. I already finished these now. Construction I have done through Warbands and also making a lot of Mahogany tables. Agility was the last one, being boring as fuck. @SlashnHax's Agility bot supports Prifddinas but the course is so complex this is not an easy task. With Jack of Trades aura, dailies and Agility Brawlers, I got the job done.

    My account is now maxed. Thanks to all developers making this possible. My future goals are comp cape, 120 slayer and more stuff :p
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  2. @Insomniac Looks like we won't be the first one to max with RuneMate.

    Congratulations @skrall, wear that cape with pride. Beautiful thread.
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  3. Congratiulations! :D
  4. Congratulations Skrall, I'd say you worked hard for it but you didn't. ;)
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  5. What is even "max" lol? Completionist all the way!!:)
  6. Yes, but Max first.
  7. I would just want to make clear that autoclickers or mouse recorders don't get you banned as quickly as some people think.
  8. I need to do the quest for elf city, so much nice stuff in there.
    Late gz from me, i hope to get maxed myself, closing up on a lot of 90's to finish off soon
  9. Congrats!!! I am also going for max cape... (I have 12 99s and my total level is over 2400).

    I have a couple questions, if you please... these will help me out a lot:

    1. What FC/Clan did you use for warbands?
    2. What was the maximum xp/hour that you got doing div on dragontooth isle? I seem to max out at 55.5k p/h at level 90 div.
    3. What auto clicker did you use for ithell harps? and how long would you bot on it? Also, what did you set the click interval to?
    4. How did you get the cash for herblore and construction?
    5. Why didn't you use Runespan for runecrafting? Also, what method did you use for Runecrafting?

    I know that these are a lot of questions, but they will be massively useful to me.

    If you don't want to answer some of them publicly, then could you let me know by pm?

    Thanks in advance
  10. I use my own fc to do warbands, we recently had a leadership change and I'm becoming the leader now. I'll pm you the username ;)
    Divination; I got low xp rates as well, so 55k per hour is just fine. It's a slow skill after all :D
    I used axife mouse recorder. I moved my mouse around a little bit to make sure I wasn't always clicking the same pixel, and the interval was like one minute.
    Cashwise: I love doing slayer and pvm :)
    Runecrafting: I did use Runespan, it was a option in the GUI as well :)
  11. Congrats for making it all the way to end of the runescape tunnel! I have a couple of questions.
    Were you a member or f2p ?
    Did you use VPN proxy or vps?
  12. Member all the way, and I always used my home address ip or the hotspot from my phone or any wifi network where my ISP gives access to :)
  13. Ahhh ok thank you for the helpful info and congrats on your completely maxed out char! Enjoy the spoils ;)
  14. Was a nice read, kind of got me jealous there haha.
    Congratulations and wear that sexy cape with pride (too bad you can't fully customise it, like adding "RM" to the back of it xD).
  15. I want that cape so bad, my progress starts now!
  16. [​IMG]
    The long and gruelling road has come to an end.
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  17. Congratulations. :)
  18. Gratz mate!
  19. Congratz!

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