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  1. Hey there.
    So I was just thinking, you think it's possible to create a Slayer script bot? Ideally it'd level Slayer for you, without any user input. So it'd get the tasks and hand them in from/to Slayer Masters, it'd go to the given location depending on the Slayer Task, all automatically. This would just be great, and would make users a serious amount of geepee in the process, so would sort of act like a money making method script bot.

    Thank you again to all developers!
  2. I'd imagine this is more than possible it has been in the past so why not now? I think the only issue with it would be the optimization for such a large script bot. but then again that could be down the the client. I don't know. But yes. Whether anyone would want to take such a challenge on i'm not sure..Perhaps starting with an AIO fighter then add the slayer masters/paths. I don't know. Not a developer myself and very limited scripting knowledge.
  3. If this ever got made it would be pretty awesome, but would probably cost at least as much as a dungeoneering script bot. It would probably be less "complex", but an inordinate amount of data gathering would be required for a script bot like this.
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  4. I can't say I would agree with this. A complete dungeoneering script bot would be far more complex as dungeoneering has more than just rooms to explore. You can fish,craft,mine,construct so on and so fourth.
  5. It wouldn't be the same level of complexity, but you'd have to implement all this:

    You'd need hundreds of areas, and some of the monsters need specific methods to kill them (i.e. you can't kill TD's without specific methods, you can't kill dark beasts, etc without specific methods.
  6. I can't quote all of that xD but yeah i know that there is a fuck tonne of areas to implement. It's not that the slayer script bot is complex as it isn't puzzles etc, But i know there is so much data within a slayer script bot.
  7. It'd be a huuge task to create this, the amount of locations it'd have to be able to walk back and forth from, the amount of data that would need to be gathered... But I'm happy to help with recording walking routes etcetera, if any developer would be interested in taking this on.

    And also, it's definitely not as hard to do as a dungeoneering script bot, however it's close. But it would be a worldwide overnight success if anyone actually managed to do this. Just getting to 99 slayer alone, you make about 200M. Then it's 9-10m an hour if you like at any point, doing Gladiators and such. And the skillcape is definitely my favorite. ^^
  8. Definitely a huge project but one that many people would appreciate. It'd also bring a lot more people to RuneMate which is overall a good thing I think.
  9. It's doable, and probably not all that difficult once you get the framework set up. I'd say it's easier than dung because dung is dynamically generated, which means you need more than just the API to create the script bot.

    So many good suggestions, so little time on my hands :(
  10. Man your current scripts bots are pretty awesome. Keep those up and people will appreciate your work :)
  11. You do great work already, keep it up. :)

    For any developer who is thinking about doing this, it'd open a lot of doors. A fully functioning slayer script bot would bring untold amounts of interest to RuneMate, and your personal development blogs. Hopefully someone will take this on soon. :)
  12. Once I finish my web extender I may start this...
  13. There was a script bot on RSBot that did tasks at the slayer tower. It was about 5-10k slayer exp/hr compared to the ~20-25k/hr one would get from doing tasks from Sumona, but it's a lot easier to make a script bot for that.

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