RS3 Slayer Tower - Contract farmer

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Sharky80, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. Would be nice to see slayer tower bot, that does slayer contracts from Marcus.

    a good money making including combat stats bot is always in demand. And banking in canifis using lodestone, would make this bot on top of any other money making bot and several autofighter bots.

    This bot could be a revolutionairy. I would even pay the money, if this bot would be smart intelligent and be able to run for long time. Adding potion support, soulsplit mode, alching, would make it the most used and the best money maker / gold farming script bot on this frikin planet.

    what we need: Quality
    for what we pay: Quality
  2. agree, slayer tower bot would be pretty sweet.
  3. Aria had one, but I prefer his slayer bot a 100 times over his old one.
  4. Alpha Slayer supports tasks in the Slayer Tower, and will do contracts in them as well (though it doesn't camp there like the older bot)
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