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  1. Hi, I'm new here and I tried several bots since I created my account. I am playing in RS3 and one of the problem with the free bot is that they act like I was playing on old runescape and when smithing, they make bars by clicking on the furnace for each ore, when in fact, they could just click for one ore and wait that all the 28 ores in my inventory become bars.

    So, my request is this:

    Make a free gold bar smither for RS3 who does not click for each ore in the furnace and then, at the same time, a crafter for these gold bars to make jewelry (gold necklace for exemple) who support the lumbridge furnace.
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  2. My crafter & smither fit all your constraints. Make sure you enable the "Make-X" dialog to prevent the repeated clicking behavior. If you want both functions in one bot, I might consider making an AIO creator. I'm not 100% sure atm.
  3. Are you speaking about the free alpha smither and free alpha crafter? If so, then you should know that I use them bot (great work by the way). Unfortunately, I do not see the Make-X option in your alpha smither AND alpha crafter. Then, I need to say that this is 2 different script bot. I am asking for a unique script bot, unique bot that do the making gold ore into gold bar and at the same thing making gold bar into gold necklace. The gold necklace are made directly at the furnace and not at the anvil, so if a bot like that exist, it will take 2 time less time to get my gold necklace.
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  4. Erm. Alpha Smither and Crafter will make the whole inventory of materials when it clicks craft. If it keeps clicking the furnace between each item, you've got the make-x interface disabled.

    I may combine them in the future so it will be one bot.
  5. That is impossible that my make-x interface is disabled. Each time that the bot click on the furnace, there is the interface that open and ask if I want 28 ore to be smelt into 28 bars. The bot click on the smelt button but instead of waiting that the 28 bars are made, he click direcly again on the furnace for each ore.

    By the way, are we speaking of the make-x interface in the game? Because if there is a make-x interface for the bot, before starting the bot, then I don't know where it is.
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    Nervermind, you were right, there was an interface that I disabled. Everything works now. Just the fact that I need to use 2 bots instead of 1 for smithing and crafting. Thanks for your help. Hope one day you make these 2 bots in one.
  6. You should probably update it to not rely on the interface iirc there's a varp that does the same thing, and there are other approaches to solve the issue :p

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