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  1. An OSRS smither would be sweet. CBalls are a 150k-200k/hour profit. Including blast furnace would be amazing
  2. I don't play OSRS but indeed we need a OSRS Smither. Go for it l33ts!
  3. I am very slowly working on a OSRS smelter (will eventually add smithing support). I am hoping to have a working version done sometime tomorrow, which at that point I would just have to start adding locations.
  4. u ever make 1?
  5. I'm just finishing up my AIOSmelter which I'm releasing in the next couple of days and it should have cannon ball support real soon.
    And I also started working on an AIOSmither which will hopefully come in coming weeks.
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    I just finally released my smelting bot that supports cannon balls and I will be releasing my Blast furnace bot in the upcoming days :)

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