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  1. We need a bot that will help to level up smithing efficiently. Currently I have 40 smith and the only smithing bot on RM smiths bars/cannonballs. This isnt good xp/hour so I am asking for a bot which will help to get 40-70/85 smithing faster. Like smithing armour or just simple Blast furnance bot will help. Thank you in advance.
  2. iirc bots are not aloud on runescape.
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  3. Sorry, but what lirc means?
  4. IIRC= If I remember correctly
  5. Ye I agree
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  6. Girls aloud?
  7. Mebeh
  8. Keep this on topic please. Bot requests should outline exactly what you need, not just "a smithing bot, maybe blast furnace".
  9. Okay, father!
  10. I would honestly be happy with a bot that just does dart tips varrock west bank...i have 18900 mith bars to gooo
  11. Would love a simple ores to bars bot. Requested it directly to some developers, but only dawg replied, but the chances are slim.

    Please make it happen :)

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