So am I stupid?

Discussion in 'RS3' started by happybotting, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. I feel like a fk*ng retard, this never happend to me before... But I dont know how to get rs3 back, I can only choose between legacy and legacy interface with abilites...
  2. esc -> game settings -> legacy interface mode

    you're in combat settings which only changes the way you do combat
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  3. found it, after like 100 hours.
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  4. Nice man, love how customizable the rs3 interface is.

    If you're going to be botting with the rs3 interface I'd suggest setting it up so the 3D game world doesn't overlap your UI (you can change that stuff around under "edit mode")

    here is an example (big blue box under action bar is my skills btw, not that it matters as this is just to show you what I mean. You can set yours up however)
  5. Why the hell would you want to use anything but Legacy mode..?
  6. I second this statement. I quit playing RS for so long because the re-vamped the interface with all the new fancy looks and textures. Had I known about the legacy mode sooner; I wouldn't be just now starting over from scratch. o_O
  7. Because I'm not blinded by nostalgia. Why would I use legacy when I can customize the rs3 interface to exactly what I want?

    Arguing over different interfaces is pretty stupid anyway, its all preference. Let people play how they want to play. Not everybody is unable to adapt to change.
  8. To each their own for sure. The intention wasn't to insult you, was just partaking in the conversation. I personally prefer the legacy mode; simply because I think the new interface, however customizable it may be, to be quite annoying. Then again, I have been playing rs since it's early days so of course nostalgia has a little to do with it.
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